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....To get you pumped for one of my online games PINK PANTHER PANDEMONIUM which you can jump to, Blinking Panther





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Narnia Test


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The MOST important thing in life is the GOOD NEWS, but first, the Bad News
An excellent on-line Bible with all kinds of references.
A Timeline of events recorded in the canon of scripture
and their relationship to church, society, and especially English translations.
In depth scholarly research on the Manuscripts we call the cannon of Holy Scriptures.
Here is an article by Martin Luther about faith and good works.
Good and Evil, Mental Deception, Logic in Fallacies and Theology - The latest books and articles
by Vincent Cheung , a very contemporary
and controversial apologetic author of the Reformed persuasion. (Some in PDF format.)
The triune Nature of Man explained concisely.
What it means to be saved by Grace - A study involving covenants by Helena Lehman.
A translated compilation of theological existentialism by Kierkegaard (a PDF file).


One gutsy lady durring the Second World War was Corrie Ten Boom who wrote the story THE HIDING PLACE.
This book was made into a film by the same name.

Here is a brief overview of Corrie Ten Boom's Life Story.
A scientist who is a creationist to the point of using all his mind to glorify his Lord is John R. Baumgardner.
His published papers on theFlood Theory (and plate tetonics) are recognized in the secular world as well as Christian.
Another creationist scientist is Jonathan D. Sarfati, whose logic and insight are impeccable.
He has three books that are masterpieces that are now available online.
I believe every thinking Christian Church member needs to read these books as a tool to answer to the compromise with atheistic propaganda in schools and on TV.

Here is Refuting Evolution . . . . . . . . Refuting Evolution 2
and to combat compromise within the ranks of the Church itself, Refuting Compromise.

For a short article by Dr Sarfati, here is an article on logic.


Questions are directed to


If evolution were a fact, we would expect history to reveal human behavior and knowledge to display increasing complexity.
Evidence suggests just the oppposite.
Although technology is accumulative, Ancient Mysteries abound.
Some provocative Christian perspective on science and the Bible by Arthur Custance
Although he supports the gap theory, he has some other worthy insights to reflect upon.
(I suspect he didn't know my heros and was more inclined to compromise.)
To transition into the Physical Sciences, an illustration of
the spiritual realm as an alternate dimension.
The History of Theorectical Physics.
From philosophers to mathematics to practical applications for the common man.
A technical paper on Quantum Mechanics as it relates to
science, consciousness, and integration of "reality theory"...
In that same vein, Particle Physics for Dummies.
Quote: "The symmetries of the subatomic realm are but remnants of the symmetry of higher dimensional space."
(Great insight, if somewhat technical... I also appologize for the author's style')
Gerardus 't Hooft is a professor in theoretical physics at Utrecht University, the Netherlands
who shared the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics.
He has a website devoted to teaching all he knows to anyone with at least a high school education.
No tongue in cheek, Here it is!
A practical result of "human ingenuity" regarding the knowledge of atomic theory:
A photo essay of Chernobyl by a resident layperson
(just a warning : agnostic views interspersed with great photos)


The Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. Apparently an accurate map of the Antarctic region 300 years before it was "discovered."

Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, "There is no remembrance of former things,
Nor will there be any remembrance of things that are to come by those who will come after."

First see Piri Reis Map Story - - - Then check out a scientist's critique...

Celtic Cross

This instrument, reputed to be a precurser of a mariner's compass, apparently is
an ancient spherical measuring instrument, but I believe is only an esoteric perversion of the gospel message.

First check out its own claims at thissite - - - then this review which betrays even more its humanistic and gnostic ideas.

The Pillar of Enoch

Is the Giza Pyramid be an edifice built by Enoch?
Check it out from author Helena Lehman as she researches the testimony of the Jewish Historian Josephus.

Contrast that to what the West is taught in this Wikipedia link.

Gospel in the Stars

Truth about man and his history is passed down through the stories, traditions, through the art, music, poetry, and literature of earlier civilizations. Our generation lives under an illusion that we know more and are more advanced than the men of old. The reverse is true.

Please check out the Gospel in the Stars. - - - Then this scientist's philosophical evaluation.


Here is the scene

You have been conscripted by the famous Inspector Clusaux to assist him in solving a murder. There are six suspects that you may question.


Five of the suspects are innocent and never lie.

One is guilty and cannot tell the truth.

When you think you know who it is, pick GUESS THE KILLER, then Get Witness Statement, and the inspector will evaluate your deduction.

The suspects are:

Women :


Men :

Aunt Agnes


The Butler

Cora the Cook


Doctor Nough



Fred Frogg

Pick a witness when ready





Pick four to six marbles to guess their color and order in the least number of guesses.

Click on the top row of marbles to change them.

Click on TEST button to evaluate.

The top row is always the row that is evaluated.


Pick the number of marbles :